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Observing Diary – Mini Astro Camp

Date: 15th/16 April 2017
Location: Heathcote. Australia

NOAA 19 Satellite image
The Milky Way
Jupiter – Io transit completes
Spectrum of Jupiter
Lunar Surface
Eta Carina Nebula

We kicked off our astrocamp early with some weather satellite data capture sessions which clearly show the clouds that will roll over us at about 2:00AM
Once the Sun went down started observing in earnest, with multiple scopes running.
Early in the night, before the Moon came up, we had magnificent views of the Milky Way
As we watched, Io and its shadow transited across the face of Jupiter. This image shows Io emerging from the disk of Jupiter, with its shadow close by.
Along the way we collected some spectroscopy data for our projects, including spectra of Jupiter and Saturn, we also got some close up views of the Moon and did a spot of Deep Sky nebula hunting.

It was a busy night!