Observing Diary – The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn

Date: 4th May 2017

Location: My Backyard, Melbourne Australia

An unexpectedly cloudy evening meant some creative cloud-dodging, exploring the Moon early on, followed by Jupiter and Saturn.

All three of these shots were taken as short video grabs with a ZWO colour camera mounted on a 10 Inch RC scope and processed in AutoStakkert.

The Moon – The Vallis Alpes and the Cassini Crater
Jupiter with the Great Red Spot

Discover the Night Sky @ ScienceWorks

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Note that this event is for people 18 years and over.

Each Thursday in May ScienceWorks are presenting a series of Astronomy classes

  • Ticket to the Universe (4th May)
  • The Milky Way (11th May)
  • Dark Energy (18th May)
  • Black Holes and Gravitational Waves (25th May)

Following the class, take the opportunity to meet expert astronomer Dr Tanya Hill as well as mingle with others. Continue the conversation while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine with cheese.

If weather permits, the evening ends with stargazing through telescopes on the Scienceworks arena.

Observing Diary – Mini Astro Camp

Date: 15th/16th April 2017
Location: Heathcote. Australia

NOAA 19 Satellite image
The Milky Way
Jupiter – Io transit completes
Spectrum of Jupiter
Lunar Surface
Eta Carina Nebula

We kicked off our astrocamp early with some weather satellite data capture sessions which clearly show the clouds that will roll over us at about 2:00AM
Once the Sun went down started observing in earnest, with multiple scopes running.
Early in the night, before the Moon came up, we had magnificent views of the Milky Way
As we watched, Io and its shadow transited across the face of Jupiter. This image shows Io emerging from the disk of Jupiter, with its shadow close by.
Along the way we collected some spectroscopy data for our projects, including spectra of Jupiter and Saturn, we also got some close up views of the Moon and did a spot of Deep Sky nebula hunting.

It was a busy night!

Stargazing Live

It was great to see Will and Amelia presenting their astro achievements to Dr Karl

Will and Amelia being interviewed by Dr Karl

Will’s discovered his variable star as part of our Variable Star Hunt and Amelia ran her own exploration of the Sun’s spectrum.

I was camped out on Federation Square with Blake, demonstrating spectroscopy to the public (A couple of thousand of them!)

Blake prepares his equipment
Queues form to observe through the scopes


Observing Diary – Supernova sn2017cbv

Date: 18th March 2017

Location: My Backyard, Melbourne Australia

On the 10th of March a new supernova has been reported in the galaxy NGC 5643. It has received the designation SN2017cbv and is reported to be a Type Ia event.

I took this quick shot of NGC 5643 during an observing session last night to see if I could spot the Supernova.

Supernova SV2017cbv in NGC 5643 (March 2017)
You can use this chart to help you find NGC 5643