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Success Story: Amelia – Life on Exoplanets

Amelia and her Father, approached us to ask for help with a project for the Victorian Science Talent Search 2017. Amelia is concerned about the future of Human life on Earth as we damage the planet with pollution and climate change takes hold.
Amelia wanted to explore the possibilities of Human life on other planets, outside our solar system. Do exoplanets exist? Can we travel to them? Can we live on them?
Amelia used our “Exoplanet Transit Tracking” project to allow her to locate and observe a real exoplanet and in-so-doing, learn more about exoplanets and the possibilities of Human colonization.

You can read more about her project here.
Life on Exoplanets

Great job Amelia!

Amelia is a big fan of professional Astrophysicist Prof. Alan Duffy. Here is what he had had to say at the beginning of her project.