Photographing the Lunar 100

This project aims to photograph each of the features listed in the Lunar 100.

The Lunar 100 is a list of features on the surface of the Moon. The first item on the list is the Moon itself. As we progress through the list the features become more difficult to locate, observe and photograph and we will need to use various techniques to plan observing sessions and navigate the surface of the Moon to locate features and a range of techniques to capture and process images of the features.

Completing this project will teach you how to plan observing sessions, navigate the surface of the Moon and use your camera with your telescope and PC to record your observations. You will also learn about the structure of the Moon and its history.

To complete the project you will need:

Camera and Tripod

The first few features can be captured with a tripod mounted camera.

Full Moon
Full Moon
L1 The Moon
L2 Earthshine
L3 Mare-highland dichotomy

In order to capture the next few items in the list we need more magnification, so we mount the camera on a telescope. We use the Negative Projection technique to boost the magnification of the view up to five times.

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